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10 Ways to Get Your Study Back on Track for the Fall Semester

  Why do students become lazy and experience post-holiday blues after summer vacation? Students get used to the long holidays, so it's difficult for them to pull themselves out of their comfort zones and begin to study again. We have come up with a few helpful tips that can help students to get back into proper study habits. These tips can help students achieve their goals and ambitions in the subsequent semester. 1. Set study goals for the upcoming semester 2. Avoid  procrastination  at all costs 3. Learn new technologies and use  apps  to help you study 4. Make detailed and orderly  study notes 5. Take  regular breaks  and maintain a healthy lifestyle 6. Improve  your memory 7. Ask your school for assistance with any academic matter 8. Collaborate with your  classmates and tutors 9. Create a conducive study environment at home 10. Motivate yourself constantly and stay positive no matter what Do you have any other handy suggestions? Feel free to share them in the comments below. I
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A College Freshman's Guide to Avoiding Irreversible Mistakes

  New academic year, new beginnings. Although starting college is exciting, many college freshmen may find themselves falling into pitfalls. Most likely, everyone makes mistakes, and it is okay. Nevertheless, it is important to be aware of them to avoid damaging the transcript and GPA. Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your first year go like clockwork. 1. Don’t Miss Too Many Classes Skipping class in high school might not seem like a biggie but, in college, it could have some serious after-effects. First of all, it is easy to fall behind. The majority of tutors and lecturers place a lot of weight on class attendance, and you can only participate if you are there personally. Moreover, cutting more than a specific number of classes can lead to an automatic fail for some courses. 2. Don’t Trust Anyone When It Comes to Group Projects Let’s face it: many college freshmen struggle with group assignments . It is often unfair because of randomly assigned group members, poor comm

FIVE Back-to-School Tips for Fall 2022

Whether your courses are online, hybrid-virtual, or you are getting those twice-weekly COVID-19 tests to take classes in person on campus, you and other college students are all about to begin an unexampled fall semester . In light of this, we collected 5 back-to-school tips and hope they aid you in gearing up for and navigating this semester and year. 1. Stay Safe On and Off Campus When in doubt, always prioritize your safety. From making a habit of wearing a mask, applying (and re-applying) college-provided hand sanitizer, to practicing social distancing in classrooms , school facilities, and buses. Don’t forget to talk to your roommate and agree to COVID-19 safety rules that work for both of you. Your safety will ultimately depend on your actions. 2. Try to Form Professional Relationships Though in-person access to your professors or instructors might be limited or even nonexistent, they remain an indispensable resource for you to rely on. Don’t be afraid to get in touch wi

Thesis Defense Presentation Guide

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  Academic life can be hectic times and one must be able to learn how to handle a busy semester. Here are some tips on how to handle the semester: 1). Have your priorities right: prioritizing is one of the best way to handle the hectic study life as a student. This is possible by setting achievable, smart goals to allow you to accomplish great things in life. Having goals and priorities allows you to experience successes along the way. LEARN MORE.

How to Take Notes from Textbooks in College

When you get to College , you are expected to read and take notes from a wide range of textbooks assigned for the course. However, note students, especially the freshers in college, do not have the skills for note-taking . Taking notes is a skill that one is taught when one gets to college. Here are some tips that will help you on how to take notes from textbooks : You need to understand what you need to take from the textbooks you are required to read. Knowing what you need from the book is a key factor in extracting information from a big chunk of detailed data. You need to create a skeleton outline of the textbook you are reading and the informational. You need to learn to skim the book for important information. This means that you must develop the skills for choosing, reading, and extracting only essential facts that are relevant to your area of studies and research . You read and paraphrase the contents into your own words. It means that you must peruse the information and pu


  Friendship plays a big role in the life of students , and the college environment provides space for students to pursue friendship. College requires that a student must develop the art of making friends, survive and make the most out of their academic career. Apart from studies , a student is advised to have fun and be able to discover new interests and communities. Here are a few tips on how to make friends in colleges; Make the initiative by meeting up with friends and classmates to do school work and assignments . By participating in college work , you are in the best position to know others’ interests and passions. Invite people whom you know and have interacted with, and these can people do the same things as you. This is the best approach for building connections. Go to university events and social activities. Be social and try to make new friends for at least a week through online and social media. Take part in the university and college activities online platform . Keep

Homeschooling Trends in 2021?

  Homeschooling   has a long tradition history in the U.S., but it declined after the government made school education compulsory and legal in the 19th and 20th centuries. It reemerged again in the 1960s and 70s due to the   educational   reforms that came up during this time. But today Homeschooling is a growing trend in the U.S. and particularly with the advent of Covid-19. Recent household surveys have shown that most families have opted for  homeschooling , and this might be due to the Covid-19. This pandemic has forced many parents to adopt homeschooling as an alternative to  traditional attendance , and in some ways has proved to be effective for many families in the U.S. Many parents consider homeschooling due to safety measures, economic interests, and the general welfare of the  students . It also provides freedom for the students and their families too. There are so prevailing views that indicate that  homeschooled students  perform better, and actually, their scoreline is be


  When you get to the   University , you are placed under the tutorship of your Professor for guidance and mentorship. Therefore, it is imperative to have a positive attitude and yet   professional relationship   with your professor. In order to maintain that professional attitude with your  professor , you need to eliminate any negative thoughts and watch how you interact with them. Here are 9 things you should say to your Professor: Say Thank you for your  support and professional guidance  in my work We appreciate you for being supportive through your great  lectures  and feedback. Your sacrifices are worth noticing. Thank you so much for making the  subject  interesting and informative to us. We have gained a lot from you and the  knowledge  you have passed on to us. You have greatly had a huge impact on our lives through your insights We feel great and valued by your  mentorship  and care. We could not have reached here without your efforts. Furthermore, we could not have reached


  Self-learning   is a process by which individuals take the initiative, with or without the assistance of others, in diagnosing their needs. Self-learning is part and parcel of the  educational journey , and for you to embark on this journey, you must follow the following steps: You need to assess yourself and see whether you are or you are not ready to  learn at your own pace and time . By so doing, you must have skills and the right attitudes to learn independently. You need to set your own learning goals that will enhance your capacity to study as an  independent student  at home. Learning must be based on self-motivation, and you need to set goals, which often work as a road map to steer you on the right path. Evaluate your own  learning style  and come up with your own learning styles. In most cases when you are  teaching yourself , you won’t have  deadlines  to meet or people to complete with, and in this case, you must stay motivated and do things at your own initiative. In sel